Thank you Sam

April 18, 2022

Shoes, photography by Sam Breach

I know I speak on behalf of all Scavengers when I say Thank You so much for all of your work on behalf of the Scavenger Hunt to Sam Breach. It has been our pleasure working with you for the last 4+ rounds, and you’ve helped inspire us to look ahead to even better things in the Scavenger-Universe.

Your out of the box creativity has helped inspire so many Scavengers – past, present and future.

Congratulations on your new job, we know you’ll excel there too. Keep a weather eye on the horizon, and know you always have a safe port with the Scavenger Hunt. ❤

Sam Breach behind a paper sailboat lookint at a cotton cloud through a spyglass

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  1. Carol Chafetz

    Thanks Sam! Looking forward to my first hunt!


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