Round 40 Photography Scavenger Hunt

Round 40 Signup


Round 40!!! It’s sometimes hard to believe it’s been 40 rounds, sometimes the early rounds feel like yesterday. Help us get the family back together and welcome new Scavengers with this special and fun list.

Sign up for Round 40 of the Photography Scavenger Hunt and join a great community of photographers passionate about improving their craft.

The cost is $6 per person, select the number of Photographers you are signing up below.

Our private group will open in November, and the Round will start in December

  1. Choose the number of Scavengers you are paying for from the drop down menu. Each Scavenger is $6.
  2. Click Add to Cart and you’ll be redirected to the Cart page.
  3. Follow the directions to Checkout
  4. After your payment processes you will be directed back to our website to fill out the form with your contact info to be invited to the Private Community. Please make sure you do this step!
  5. The invites to the Private Community will go out in November

Registration is also open for THE Great Scavenger Meetup in Sacramento – Friday, April 26 – Sunday, April 28, 2024

Come and see everyone in person for a long weekend of fun, photography, workshops, and tours!

We hope to see you there!