28th Round Winners – Paper Abstract

Thank you to our Judges and congratulations to the winners!

Robin Griggs Wood

1st –   Lou McCorkle
2nd –  Joshua Clifford
3rd –  Charlie Miller
HM –  William Alexander, Piotr Edelman, Measie Elizabeth, Kathy Broad, Alan Bland

Nick Sinnott

1st –   Ina Gat
2nd – Chad Corbin
3rd –  Joshua Clifford
HM –  Piotr Edelman, Rachel Ferris, Gina Dittmer, Lou McCorkle, Audrey Lefevre

Mike Devo

1st –   Penny Kerr
2nd –  Marcia Borell
3rd –   Kathie Pendle
HM –   Stephen Maddox, Isabelle Hurbain-Palatin, Measie Elizabeth, Adele Doane, Chad Corbin

Rita Zietsma

1st –   Isaias Souvervielle
2nd –  Kathie Pendle
3rd –   Amy G
HM –   Carmen Mandich, Andrey Lefevre, Ina Gat, Joanna Koziara, Sam Breach