And we are off to Round 27!!

This round featured over 150 photographers braving cold temperatures (or hot in the southern hemisphere) to take over 1,000 amazing images for the 10 categories. The Scavengers took creativity and experimentation to a new level. This round had one of if not the most Hunters submit images for all 10 words too. Well done everyone! Please click through each cover image to see the entire gallery.

Round 27 Winner’s Albums

After Scavengers submit their photos, they are sent off to our 4 judges. Robin Griggs Wood is our generous recurring judge, one spot is the previous Winner. In this case it’s Yvette van Teefelen. The two other spots rotate in and out each round. For Round 27, we are grateful to have Athena Carey and Pete DeMarco. Thank you all for your support.

Judge’s Overall Picks

After the Judge’s choose their winners for each category, we tally up the points and announce each judge’s overall winner. Click on the image to see the full album.

That means our Round 27 Grand Champion is Rita Zietsma!!!

Congratulations to Rita and all of the Scavengers from this round. Well done everyone!!

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