Sandra Parlow & Rita Zietsma’s Winner: Dave DeBaeremaeker

The caliber of Dave’s images this hunt completely blew me away – and top that off with the fact that he handed in 26 amazing pieces of art was incredible!! His work is so creative and out of the box. He can evoke emotion through images of toys! I couldn’t help but love each and every one of his images. A huge congrats Dave!

  • Rita Zietsma

First off I’d like to congratulate everyone on a job well done!

The amount of wonderful photos we had to wade through to find our final pics was almost overwhelming, and I know how much work goes into getting your shots done! You are all winners!!!

But now about Dave…

As has been announced, Dave was my first place winner. I didn’t total it up myself, but I wasn’t surprised when I was told who it was.

Dave’s photos were consistently amongst the strongest images in the competition.

Each category I was thrilled and excited when I saw his photos. His attention to detail, composition, story line, fantastical ideas, realism and imagination was incredible!

There were some photos that looked so real, so lifelike that I had to look twice to see that yes, these are still little figures that he’s using and making them seem like part of our bigger world.

Dave told me a story through his images. He made me think about what that story was and where it might go next. For me the art of photography is telling a story – making me feel something – and at that, Dave excelled with every photo he submitted.

Congratulations, Dave!! You have become the master and creator of a magical world full of wonder and awe!!! Thank you for sharing your talents!!

  • Sandra Parlow