Round 29

Round 29 had a special challenge – every photo needed to be SOOC – Straight Out of Camera. This means no editing, no IG filters, not even cropping. Why oh why did Lauri add this twist? One simple reason, to remind people to slow down, shoot intentionally, and think more carefully about their composition.

And Scavengers rocked it! There may have been some shock at the beginning, but once the surprise wore off, they got to work and created amazing interpretations of the Words.

The Scavenger Hunt has always been about bringing people together to up their photography game. This round was no different. Well done everyone.

Round 29 Overall Winner

Sam Breach

Sam took the challenge to heart and strove to create images that looked like they needed Photoshop, but didn’t. She used techniques such as forced perspective, multiple exposures, custom white balance, and more. Congratulations Sam.

Judge’s Overall Picks

After the Judge’s choose their winners for each category, we tally up the points and announce each judge’s overall winner. Click on the image to see the full album.

Round 29 Winner’s Albums

After Scavengers submit their photos, they are sent off to our 4 judges. Robin Griggs Wood is our generous recurring judge, one spot is the previous Winner. In this case it’s Kim Pemberton. The two other spots rotate in and out each round. For Round 29, we are grateful to have Bryan Esler and Andi Phillips. Thank you all for your support.

Reveal Albums

coffee being poured into a cup with doll legs, next to bird of paradise flower. All on a bright yellow table cloth


nest with egg shell and bird tracks leading away

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