The long awaited People’s Choice Winners are here!  Sorry about the delay – hopefully this adds to the drama as well as the anticipation of the next round!


First Place – Shari Seibold

2nd Place: Marjorie McDonald & Chris Goldthorpe

3rd Place: Dave DeBaeremaeker, Magdalena Koziara, Rainie Mills, Mary Presson Roberts, Stuart Vivian, Tonya Freed, Angie Smith, & Rachel Ferris

4th Place: Martin Heller, Isabelle Cardinal, Cathy Donohoue, & Byron Sheldrick


1st Place: Shari Seibold

2nd Place: Isabelle Cardinal

3rd Place: Stuart Vivian & Elaine Mattson

4th Place: Chris Flinders

Forced Perspective: 

1st Place: Derek Kind

2nd Place: Andy Smith

3rd Place: Stuart Vivian

4th Place: Jim Migliore


1st Place: Kathy Broad, Bryan Finster

2nd Place: Dave DeBaeremaeker

3rd Place: Alan Bland

4th Place Lauri Novak & Chris Flinders


1st Place: Chris Goldthorpe

2nd Place: Alan Bland & Rita Zietsma

3rd Place: Cathy Donohoue

4th Place: Stuart Vivian & Shari Seibold


1st Place: Angela Migliore

2nd Place: Kris Kowalewski & Jenny Loren

3rd Place: Rita Zietsma

4th Place: Dave DeBaeremaker & Cathy Donohoue


1st Place: Derek Kind

2nd Place: Isabelle Cardinal

3rd Place: Alan Bland & Shari Seibold

4th Place:  Dave DeBaeremaeker & Kris Kowalewski