Round 30

The Scavenger Hunt has always been about bringing people together to up their photography game. This round was no different. Well done everyone.

That means our Round 30 Grand Champion is ….


Congratulations to Eric and all of the Scavengers from this round. Well done everyone!!



Judge’s Overall Picks

After the Judge’s choose their winners for each category, we tally up the points and announce each judge’s overall winner. Click on the image to see the full album.

Round 30 Category Winner’s Albums

After Scavengers submit their photos, they are sent off to our 4 judges. Robin Griggs Wood is our generous recurring judge, one spot is the previous Winner. In this case it’s Sam Breach. The two other spots rotate in and out each round. For Round 29, we are grateful to have Don Giannatti and Andrew Barrow. Thank you all for your support.

Reveal Albums

figures made by the positive space of candlesticks

Positive Space

Meet The Judges

We are always grateful for the time and care our judges take.

Please have a look at their bios and visit their websites for more inspiration and incredible photography knowledge.

Robin Griggs Wood


Robin Griggs Wood is a photographer, multimedia artist, and creative mentor and our resident judge at the Photography Scavenger Hunt. Robin is adept at photography, compositing, post-processing and traditional media—including acrylic, oils, watercolor, inks and much more. She has been championing “The Myth of Talent” as well as mentoring and helping people find their creative selves for close to 15 years.




Don Giannatti has been a photographer for over 5 decades, living through the myriad changes in the industry and art. Starting out as an editorial photographer, Don moved into fashion, beauty and portrait work before opening a commercial studio which served the advertising and design to the third-largest agency in Arizona in 6 years. The Agency handled mostly medical and health-systems related clients and managed pre-IPO public relations for many startup medical tech companies.

Don’s client work includes photography, graphic design, concept, and copywriting.

Having gone from photographer to agency/client and back again Don currently works to bring his broad experience and perspective to photography education. He advocates for disciplined work that presents a creative concept as well as technical excellence.

His current work is personal and contextual, and he teaches an online course for commercial photographers called the Project 52 Pro System. His website and community of photography students is a hub of creative activity.


Don Giannatti
Andrw Barrow


Andrew Barrow graduated with a Masters in Photography from Falmouth University, Cornwall, UK,  in 2019.Andrew Barrow  In 2020 he was awarded Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society for “The Washing Line Project” –  series of off-beat food images where all the food is hanging from a washing line. His photographic subjects are varied – from an Old Masters-style collection of Cocktail still-lifes to documenting the historical ‘wine doors’ (serving hatches) of Florence, Italy. Andrew works on a project basis, because, he says, “I flounder without some specific goal, I can’t just go out and take a photograph. My work needs boundaries”. Like many people, one of his current projects is Covid related but in his surreal, humour-tinged way he is also working on depicting his local town (a pretty, quintessential English market town) in an off-beat way.




Sam Breach is invited to judge as winner of the previous round of the Scavenger Hunt, Round 29.  Sam is a British-born photographer and artist based in Oakland, California. Starting her career in 3D animation, she is a former visual FX artist who created digital effects on movies like Star Wars, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean before spending seven years at Electronic Arts working on The Sims world-building team helping to create the environments, characters and stories behind Sims 3. More recently, she also served as a Photo Editor on Oracle’s world-class Brand Creative team.

Currently Sam Breach works independently as a photographer specializing in portraiture, capturing self expression and conceptual image creation and she has recently  launched her own brand photography agency specializing in using stock photography to help tell brand stories.


Sam Breach

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