29th Round Winners – Boat

Thank you to our Judges and Congratulations to the Winners!

Robin Griggs Wood

1st Jamuna Burry
2nd Joanna Koziara
3rd Walter Duvall
HM Yvette van Teeffelen, Robin Cohen, Kathy Broad, Kathleen Kent, Joe Hammecker

Bryan Esler

1st Michal Vörös
2nd Eustace James
3rd Bernd Markgraf
HM Carla McMahon, Kevin Epling, Lou McCorkle, Dave DeBaeremaeker, Karen Dunham

Andi Phillips

1st Paul Howard
2nd Jane Iverson Ross
3rd Michal Vörös
HM Dave DeBaeremaeker, Fiona Dacosta, Barbara Chiodelli, Joe Hammecker, Juliane Cross

Kim Pemberton

1st Michal Vörös
2nd Kathleen Kent
3rd Joe Hammecker
HM Lou McCorkle, Sam Breach, Joanna Koziara, Jamuna Burry, Chris Goldthorpe

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