30th Round Judge’s Picks – Sam Breach


Sam’s overall winner is William Banning

“Scavengers don’t make the task of selecting the winners an easy one. The distance between a first place and an honorable mention is minuscule. Scavengers who don’t even get placed are often only a hair’s breadth away from making it into the top selection. All the Scavengers are winners in my book, because time and time again they show up, they take part  and they push themselves to become better photographers. Win or not, I hope by enjoying and celebrating each other’s work the Scavengers feel encouraged to keep on creating!”

-Sam Breach

The gallery below shows William’s complete work for Round 30 of the Photography Scavenger Hunt.

Sam’s selected the following as Category winners

  • Upside Down – 1st Place
  • Positive Space – 2nd Place
  • Twentyone – 3rd Place
  • Color – Honorable Mention
  • Warming – Honorable Mention
  • Count – Honorable Mention

Sam Breach

Sam Breach


Sam Breach is invited to judge as winner of the previous round of the Scavenger Hunt, Round 29.  Sam is a British-born photographer and artist based in Oakland, California. Starting her career in 3D animation, she is a former visual FX artist who created digital effects on movies like Star Wars, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean before spending seven years at Electronic Arts working on The Sims world-building team helping to create the environments, characters and stories behind Sims 3. More recently, she also served as a Photo Editor on Oracle’s world-class Brand Creative team.

Currently Sam Breach works independently as a photographer specializing in portraiture, capturing self expression and conceptual image creation and she has recently  launched her own brand photography agency specializing in using stock photography to help tell brand stories.