30th Round Winners – Clouds

Photographing the word CLOUDS may sound like an easy challenge, but it’s more difficult than it might seem. The judges elected that the following Scavengers did a particularly  commendable job of it.

Robin Griggs Wood

1ST: Ina Gat

2ND: Marjorie McDonald

3RD: Eric Raeber

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Michal Vörös • Liz Kaetterhenry • Jennifer Dagostino • Heather Szarka • Eustace James

Andrew Barrow

1ST: Eric Raeber

2ND: Shari Seibold

3RD: Marjorie Mcdonald

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Eustace James • Alan Bland • June McNell • Barbara Montgomery • Annabeth Wall

Don Giannatti

1ST: Shari Seibold

2ND: Rob Masters

3RD: Eric Raeber

HONORABLE MENTIONS:Julie Wall • Liz Kaetterhenry • Bretta Elmore • Rita Zietsma • Peggy Rourke-Nichols

Sam Breach

1ST: Eustace James

2ND: Murphy Bell

3RD: Shari Seibold

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Stephen Maddox • Walter Duvall • Amy G • Frances Schermers Vugteveen • Eric Raeber


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