30th Round Winners – TwentyOne

In celebration of the arrival of 2021, the Scavengers were invited to visually interpret the number twenty-one.

We don’t think anyone attempted photographing a twenty-one gun salute so we handed it to our judges to award all the honors…

Robin Griggs Wood

1ST: Yvette Van Teeffelen

2ND: Eric Raeber

3RD: Alan Bland

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Rita Zietsma • Marilyn Benham • Kirsten Barry • Chris Goldhorpe • Charlotte Therese Björnström

Andrew Barrow

1ST: Eric Raeber

2ND: Alan Bland

3RD: Bryan Sherman

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Piotr Edelman • Michal Vörös • Sandy Sutherland • Tim Kitely • Yvette Van Teeffelen

Don Giannatti

1ST: Eric Raeber

2ND: William Banning

3RD: Jennifer Dagostino

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Suzie Rush • Bryan Sherman • Kirsten Barry • Sarah Wolfe • Eustace James

Sam Breach

1ST: Alan Bland

2ND: Eric Raeber

3RD: William Banning

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Sarah Wolfe • Penny Kerr • Chris Goldthorpe • Tim Kitely • Yvette Van Teeffelen


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