30th Round Winners – Wheel

We’re rolling along nicely. These are the winners and runners-up of our Round 30 WHEEL album.

Robin Griggs Wood

1ST: Alan Bland

2ND: Yvette Van Teeffelen

3RD: Sarah Winter

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Piotr Edelman • Ina Gat • Eric Raeber • Charlotte Therese Björnström • Amy G

Andrew Barrow

1ST: Charlotte Therese Björnström

2ND: Alan Bland

3RD: Joanna Koziara

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Mark Flinders • Kirsten Barry • Rob Masters • David R Robinson • Yvette Van Teeffelen

Don Giannatti

1ST: Charlotte Therese Björnström

2ND: Kirsten Barry

3RD: Rob Masters

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Eustace james • Darcy Zimmerman • Paula Contreras • Eric Stoliker • Alan Bland

Sam Breach

1ST: Mark Flinders

2ND: Alan Bland

3RD: Charlotte Therese Björnström

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Marilyn Benham • Pam Siegersma • Eustace James • Lora Lee Chapman • Eric Raeber

Entries are submitted by photographers worldwide. Please be accepting and aware of interpretations and cultural values that may differ from what you find acceptable or normal. We are here to learn, support, and push ourselves creatively. Out of the box thinking is highly encouraged.


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