The Quarter Album Winners

Thank you to our judges for all of their hard work picking winners for the Scavenger Hunt. 

Winners by Judges: 


Gilmar Smith

First: Stephen Maddox

Second: Dave DeBaeremaeker

Third: Wes Jones

Honorable Mentions: Piotr Edelman, Mark Flinders, Cathy Lovell, Eric Stoliker, Alex Bellanger

Sandra Parlow

First: Dave DeBaeremaeker

Second: Wes Jones

Third: Mark Flinders

Honorable Mentions: Stephen Maddox, Chris Goldthorpe, Eric Stoliker, Paul Howard, Traci Asaurus

Rita Zietsma

First: Wes Jones

Second: Patricia dos Santos Paton

Third: Dave DeBaeremaeker

Honorable Mentions: Melissa Leda, Mary Wardell, Chris Goldthorpe, Alan Bland, Stephen Maddox

Robin Griggs Wood

First: Chris Goldthorpe

Second: Wes Jones

Third: Lisa Long

Honorable Mentions: Sharon Ragner, Rick Baker, Piotr Edelman, Patricia dos Santos Paton, Debbie DeBaeremaeker