The Underwear Album Winners

Thank you to our judges for all of their hard work picking winners for the Scavenger Hunt. 

Winners by Judges: 


Gilmar Smith

First: Wes Jones

Second: Shari Seibold

Third: Julie Mattson

Honorable Mentions: Dave DeBaermaeker, Jacki Dalton, Angela Migliore, Jim Migliore, Melissa Leda

Sandra Parlow

First: Dave DeBaeremaeker

Second: Kimberly Pemberton

Third: Wendy Tymchyshyn

Honorable Mentions: Stephen Maddox, Barbara Chiodelli, Paul Howard, Julie Mattson, Dana Finster

Rita Zietsma

First: Dave DeBaeremaeker

Second: Wes Jones

Third: Wendy Tymchyshyn

Honorable Mentions: Melissa Leda, Isabelle Cardinal, Dawn Ellen Miller, Barbara Chiodelli, Patricia dos Santos Paton

Robin Griggs Wood

First: Ginnie Lerch

Second: Kathy Broad

Third: Dave DeBaeremaeker

Honorable Mentions: Tom Collins, Patricia dos Santos Paton, Kathleen Kent, Eric Raeber, Dana Finster