The Vase Album Winners

Thank you to our judges for all of their hard work picking winners for the Scavenger Hunt. 

Winners by Judges: 


Gilmar Smith

First: Yvette Van Teeffelen

Second: Joanna Koziara

Third: Brent Martin

Honorable Mentions: Shari Seibold, Dave DeBaeremaeker, Angela Migliore, Patt Dickson, CB Friedland

Sandra Parlow

First: Kimberly Pemberton

Second: Yvette Van Teeffelen

Third: Lou McCorkle

Honorable Mentions: Dianne Poulin, Barbara Chiodelli, Joanna Koziara, Wade Brooks, Windy Sawczyn

Rita Zietsma

First: Dave DeBaeremaeker

Second: Angela Migliore

Third: Yvette Van Teeffelen

Honorable Mentions: Alex Bellanger, Shari Seibold, Frances Shermers, Patt Dickson, Bryan Finster

Robin Griggs Wood

First: Dianne Poulin

Second: Eric Raeber

Third: Darcee McCutcheon

Honorable Mentions: Yvette Van Teeffelen, Shari Seibold, Joanna Koziara, Dave DeBaeremaeker, Brent Martin