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26th Round Winners – Coward

Thank you to our Judges, Dream Team and congratulations to the winners!

Robin Griggs Wood

1st:  Cathy Lovell
2nd: Maayan Windmuller
3rd:  Sue Zirkle
Honorable Mentions: Melissa Beagle, Mary Bel, Chris Goldthorpe, Carmen Mandich, Andrea Rutsch

Gilmar Smith

1st:  Maayan WIndmuller
2nd: Mary Bel
3rd:  Carmen Mandich
Honorable Mentions: Michal Voros, Andrea Rutsch, Susan Porter, Greg Kerr, Debbie DeBaeremaeker

Levi Sim

1st:  Karen Migliaccio
2nd: Cathy Lovell
3rd:  Melissa Beagle
Honorable Mentions: Yvette Van Teeffelen, Joanne Berry, Greg Kerr, Tami Bevis, Chris Goldthorpe

Dave DeBaeremaeker

1st:  Barbara Chiodelli
2nd: Adriana Inciarte
3rd:  Astrid Heyland
Honorable Mentions:Mary Bel, Stephen Maddox, Debbie DeBaeremaeker, Carmen Mandich, Kris Kowalewski

Dream Team

1st:  Adriana Inciarte
2nd: Cathy Lovell
3rd:  Juliane Cross
Honorable Mentions: Greg Kerr, Susan Porter, Chris Bichler, Melissa Beagle, Joanne Berry


26th Round Winners Coward