26th Round Winners – Selective Color

Thank you to our Judges, Dream Team and congratulations to the winners!

Robin Griggs Wood

1st Chris Goldthorpe
2nd Rita Zietsma
3rd Maayan Windmuller
Honorable Mention Yvette Van Teeffelen, Traci Asaurus, Margaret Webster, Kirsten Barry, CB Friedland

Gilmar Smith

1st Kirsten Barry
2nd Rita Zietsma
3rd Yvette Van Teeffelen
Honorable Mention Derek Kind, Margaret Webster, Chris Goldthorpe, Nicole Dupere, Liz Katterhenry

Levi Sim

1st Derek Kind
2nd CB Friedland
3rd Dianne Maguire
Honorable Mention Bette Kaufman, Julie Wall, Isabelle Hurbain-Palatin, Traci Asaurus, Lucille Galleli

Dave DeBaeremaeker

1st Elsie Johnston
2nd Debbie Hunt
3rd Bryan Finster
Honorable Mention Yvette Van Teeffelen, Robin Cohen, Isabelle Cardinal, Heather Brockway, CB Friedland

Dream Team

1st Yvette Van Teeffelen
2nd Dianne Poulin, Steffan Correll  (tie)
Honorable Mention Kathy Broad, Ande Savage, Derek Kind, Pat Kight, Isabelle Cardinal