26th Round Winners – Wizard

Thank you to our Judges, Dream Team and congratulations to the winners!

Robin Griggs Wood

1st Isabelle Cardinal
2nd Maayan Windmuller
3rd Mary Bel
Honorable Mention Yvette Van Teeffelen, Sandy Davis, Ray Diehr, Frances Vugteveen, Dana Finster

Gilmar Smith

1st Isabelle Cardinal
2nd Kris Kowalewski
3rd Melissa Beagle
Honorable Mention Cora Triton, Karen Kutra, Giselle Savoie, Kimberton, Marsha Leigh

Levi Sim

1st Melissa Beagle
2nd Dori Clapp
3rd Laura McCloud
Honorable Mention Michal Vörös, Frances Vugteveen, Mary Presson Roberts, Barbara Chiodelli, Lucille Galleli

Dave DeBaeremaeker

1st Isabelle Cardinal
2nd Yvette Van Teeffelen
3rd CB Friedland
Honorable Mention Kris Kowalewski, Alan Bland, Dana Finster, Debbie DeBaeremaeker, Dori Clapp

Dream Team

1st Isabelle Cardinal
2nd Abby Martin
3rd Kathy Broad, CB Friedland (tie)
Honorable Mention  Maayan Windmuller, Mary Bel, Susan Porter, Mary Presson Roberts

26th Round Winners Wizard