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27th Round Winners – Car

Thank you to our Judges and congratulations to the winners!

Robin Griggs Wood

1st – Kris Kowalewski

2nd – Kristian Golding

3rd – Kevin Wenning

Honorable Mentions – Rita Zietsma, Dave DeBaeremaeker, Carmen Mandich, Astrid Heyland, Adriana Inciarte

Athena Carey

1st – Steve Defeo

2nd – Shari Seibold

3rd – Michal Voros

Honorable Mentions – Nicole Dupere, Frances Schermers Vugteveen, Dianne Maguire, Carmen Mandich, Eric Stoliker

Pete DeMarco

1st – Maayan Windmuller

2nd – Dave DeBaeremaeker

3rd – Melissa Beagle

Honorable Mentions – Dianne Maguire, Nicole Dupere, Linda Basilick, Laline Ray, Michal Voros

Yvette van Teeffelen

1st – Shari Seibold

2nd – Joanna Koziara

3rd – Maayan Windmuller

Honorable Mentions – Carmen Mandich, Adriana Inciarte, Astrid Heyland, Liz Katterhenry, Steve Defeo



27th Round Winners Car