27th Round Winners – Row

Thank you to our Judges and congratulations to the winners!

Robin Griggs Wood

1st – Kirsten Barry

2nd – Kim Pemberton

3rd – Joanna Koziara

Honorable Mentions – Stephen Maddox, Rita Zietsma, Kathleen Kent, J. Michael Hill, Chris Crowder

Athena Carey

1st – Joanna Koziara

2nd – Tony Smith

3rd – Rita Zietsma

Honorable Mentions – Maayan Windmuller, Lou McCorkle, Kirsten Barry, Kevin Epling, Ken Fischer

Pete DeMarco

1st – Lou McCorkle

2nd – Lora Lee Champman

3rd – Walter Duvall

Honorable Mentions – Maayan Windmuller, Pam Siegersma, Andreas Katifes, Laurie Clouthier

Yvette van Teeffelen

1st – Joanna Koziara

2nd – Kim Pemberton

3rd – Tony Smith

Honorable Mentions – Kathy Broad, Frances Schermers Vugteeven, Rita Zietsma, Gina Dittmer, Ginnie Lerch