27th Round Winners – Row

Thank you to our Judges and congratulations to the winners!

Robin Griggs Wood

1st – Elsie Johnston

2nd – Amy G

3rd – Ken Fischer

Honorable Mentions – Stephen Maddox, Measie, Elizabeth, Bretta Elmore, Ande S, Deanthe Evans

Athena Carey

1st – Joanna Koziara

2nd – Tony Smith

3rd – Stephen Maddox

Honorable Mentions – Sandy Sutherland, Samantha O’Brien, Frances Schermers Vugteeven, Deanthe Evans, Amy G

Pete DeMarco

1st – Kathy Broad

2nd – Kevin Wenning

3rd – Ted Johnson

Honorable Mentions – Greg Kerr, Linda Basilick, Mary Pressons Roberts, Tony Smith, Sandy Sutherland

Yvette van Teeffelen

1st – Rita Zietsma

2nd – Joanna Koziara

3rd – Stuart Vivian

Honorable Mentions – Alan Bland, Deanthe Evans, Karen Kurta, Amy G, Enrique Gatmaitan