28th Round Winners – Connection

Thank you to our Judges and congratulations to the winners!

Robin Griggs Wood

1st – Carla McMahon
2nd – Cora Triton
3rd – Piotr Edelman
HM – Stephen Maddox, Mark Rodriguez, Ken Fisher, Joanna Koziara, Jackie Johnson

Nick Sinott

1st – Barbara Chiodelli
2nd – Carla McMahon
3rd – Jackie Johnson
HM – Jim Welsh, Piotr Edelman, Maayan Windmuller, Cora Triton, Lauri Clouthier

Mike Devo

1st – Mark Rodriguez
2nd – Kathy Broad
3rd – Charlotte Therese Bjornstrom
HM – Joshua Clifford, Alan Bland, Juliane Cross, Peter Quinton, Angie Smith

Rita Zietsma

1st – Dave DeBaeremaeker
2nd – Mark Rodriguez
3rd – Maayan Windmuller
HM – Piotr Edelman, Alan Bland, Yvette van Teeffelen, Carla McMahon, Sharon Woodward