30th Round Winners – Color

Our Round 30 COLOR Album was inspired by Pantone’s 2021 double-bill ‘color of the year’ featuring both Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow.  Here are the judges top picks.

Robin Griggs Wood

1ST: Sharon Stone

2ND: Kathleen Kent

3RD: Shari Seibold

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Wade Brooks • Karen Kurta • Ina Gat • Dianne Maguire • Debbie Hartmann

Andrew Barrow

1ST: Rita Zietsma

2ND: Kathy Mason

3RD: Mary Presson Roberts

HONORABLE MENTIONS: William Banning • Debbie Hartman • Dave Debaeremaeker • Charlotte Therese Björnström • Bernd Markgraf

Don Giannatti

1ST: Debi Francis

2ND: Rita Zietsma

3RD: Robin Cohen

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Kirsten Barry • Mieke Citroen • Bernd Markgraf • Carmen Mandich • Heather Szarka

Sam Breach

1ST: Angela Migliore

2ND: Yvette Van Teeffelen

3RD: Dave Debaeremaeker

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Heather Szarka • William Banning • Walter Duvall • Charlotte Therese Björnström • Shari Seibold


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