30th Round Winners – Upside Down

Our UPSIDE DOWN category may have sent blood rushing to the heads of several of our Scavengers but now it’s time to send success to some of their heads instead. This set of Scavengers caught the judges’ eyes with their mind-bending antics.

Robin Griggs Wood

1ST: Yvette Van Teeffelen

2ND: Liz Kaetterhenry

3RD: Michal Vörös

HONORABLE MENTIONS: William Banning • Marjorie McDonald • Maayan Windmuller • Ken Fischer • Joanna Koziara

Andrew Barrow

1ST: Rita Zietsma 

2ND: Kathleen Kent

3RD: Mark Flinders

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Amy G • Eric Raeber • Karen Kurta • Marjorie McDonald • William Banning

Don Giannatti

1ST: Rita Zietsma

2ND: Charlotte Therese Björnström

3RD: Marilyn Benham

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Yvette Van Teeffelen • Kirsten Barry • Bryan Sherman • Eric Stoliker • Ken Fischer

Sam Breach

1ST: William Banning

2ND: Michal Vörös

3RD: Eric Raeber

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Joanna Koziara • Mark Flinders • Amy G • Kathleen Kent • Yvette Van Teeffelen

Entries are submitted by photographers worldwide. Please be accepting and aware of interpretations and cultural values that may differ from what you find acceptable or normal. We are here to learn, support, and push ourselves creatively. Out of the box thinking is highly encouraged.


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