10 Year Anniversary Hunt

August 8, 2021

Announcing our Super Duper Extra Special

10 Year Anniversary Hunt & Reunion

The very first Photography Scavenger Hunt was created on G+ back in the Autumn of 2011. Ten years later we are still going strong as a community and gathering online several times a year for friendly competition based around our collective passion for photography and creativity.

The 10-Year Anniversary Round 33 Community will be opening up a little early, in mid August, for a relaxed fortnight of online lounging around and reminiscing about Hunts past before the the unveiling of the 10 Year anniversary list on August 30th. We hope to have some surprises for you along the way.

Round 33 Photography Scavenger Hunt Logo


That’s where YOU come in.

  • Have you been on the fence about joining? This will be a great round to start.
  • Have you stepped away from the Hunt for a while? Now is a great time to come back.
  • Have a friend who might like to join? Newbies are always very welcome too!

Together let’s make this a 10-year Anniversary Hunt a party to remember!!!

Still on the fence? Take a stroll back in time over the last 10 years of Hunt History.


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  1. Patricia Kight

    Let’s rock this thing!


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