Round 35 Judge Chris Goldthorpe

July 10, 2022

Chris Goldthorpe

Chris Goldthorpe has been a participant in the Scavenger Hunt since round 10 and was the winner of round 34. He has been interested in photography from an early age but it was not until the advent of digital cameras and photo processing software that he felt that he was able to fully express his creative side. Chris credits the Scavenger Hunt with pushing himself to raise his photographic game. According to Chris “Being in this supportive community with so many excellent photographers can only make you a better photographer. When I see a photo that I really like I will think about what makes that photo outstanding and like a sponge I will soak that up.

If I was to describe my style it would be whatever I have learned from everyone else in the community. My strategy for the Scavenger Hunt is to try to come up with photos that are different from everyone else’s. Maybe obsession would be a better word because I gravitate towards ideas that are really difficult to implement, my theory being that no one else would be crazy enough to try these ideas. When I see the list I always start out with some great ideas for difficult to take shots. Once I’ve eliminated any ideas which involve a risk of physical injury, damage to property or require spending more than a few dollars in props I then find that I actually have no good ideas and have to restart the process. It’s only recently that I have started to put as much emphasis on artistic expression as on degree of difficulty.”

Chris is a retired software engineer and he brings a lot of technical thinking into his photography. He is also the author of a number of high ranking filters in Filter Forge. Currently he is co-chairman of Washington County Arts Alliance, a non profit organization that puts on an art tour featuring 57 artists. Chris lives in Portland Oregon with his wife, Merry.


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