R39 Category Winners – Lines

October 30, 2023


Winners of the Leading Lines Category

Featured Image by Karen Dunham

Number of Images

Robin Griggs Wood

1st • Rainie Mills
2nd • Lora Lee Chapman
3rd • Chris Goldthorpe
Honorable Mentions: • Doug DeLong • Isabelle Hurbain-Palatin • Marilyn Benham • Karen Dunham • Charlotte Thérèse Björnström

Nat Weaver

1st • Debbie DeBaeremaeker
2nd • Charlotte Thérèse Björnström
3rd • Elsie Johnston
Honorable Mentions: • Karen Dunham • Chris Goldthorpe • Tony Smith • Doug DeLong • Gernot Glaeser

Laurie Aiello

1st • Dianne Maguire
2nd • Angela Migliore
3rd • Charlotte Thérèse Björnström
Honorable Mentions: • Lindsay Wardell • Sandy Davis • Walter Duvall • Marilyn Benham • Karen Dunham

Jim Tang

1st • Angela Migliore
2nd • Walter Duvall
3rd • Dawn Ellen Miller
Honorable Mentions: • Charlotte Thérèse Björnström • Cathy Custer Donohoue • Bob Dahlberg • Elsie Johnston • Rainie Mills

Entries are submitted by photographers worldwide. Please be accepting and aware of interpretations and cultural values that may differ from what you find acceptable or normal. We are here to learn, support, and push ourselves creatively. Out of the box thinking is highly encouraged.


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