Round 27 – Steps

105 amazing Scavengers ventured out to create images for Steps for Round 27 of the Photography Scavenger Hunt.

How to Navigate:  You may look at the images any way you wish! If you click on any of the images it will bring you to Lightbox view where you can scroll through them, play a slide show, as well as comment. (click on the comment box in the bottom center).

If you want to search for your photo – or another’s you can also search by name at the top of the page (upper right, just above the first row of photos). This is the quickest/easiest way to find your own image.

To comment on an individual image click on the caption box along the bottom of the image (next to the slideshow start, info and share on Facebook and Twitter buttons)



  1. Kelly Hope

    Lovely album you guys simply amazing.

  2. Aska

    There are some really creative takes in this album; well done everyone
    My muscles are almost sore from all these steps 🙂

  3. Louise R

    So many steps taken to create such a great album.


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