Round 27 – Touch

94 amazing Scavengers stretched themselves to create images for Touch for Round 27 of the Photography Scavenger Hunt.

How to Navigate:  You may look at the images any way you wish! If you click on any of the images it will bring you to Lightbox view where you can scroll through them, play a slide show, as well as comment. (click on the comment box in the bottom center).

If you want to search for your photo – or another’s you can also search by name at the top of the page (upper right, just above the first row of photos). This is the quickest/easiest way to find your own image.

To comment on an individual image click on the caption box along the bottom of the image (next to the slideshow start, info and share on Facebook and Twitter buttons)



  1. Pat Kight

    Great album, everyone!

  2. Corina C

    This one had me stumped on how to capture the word, but you all really nailed it!

  3. kelly hope

    Amazing photos everyone you all came up with such good ideas. thats one of the things I love about this group there is never a shortage on creativity and great ideas which lead to great photo;

  4. Amy Mauer

    A long time ago when I was in college, I was in a photography class. Our “coach” said to us “every photograph should invoke feeling. It should tell a story”. I saw some absolutely beautiful stories here, and definitely “felt” much. Love this album!!!<3

  5. KEVIN

    whole lotta Cats…. very nice work everyone.

  6. Jayme Spoolstra

    Great work, all! I love all of the interpretations!

  7. Wendy Tymchyshyn

    OMG! What an awesome & very touching album! Congrats Lou on album cover!

  8. Louise R

    This one had all the feels. Some very creative work to capture the touch.


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