Round 36 Reveals – Red Green

November 6, 2022


I tried to express through red and green the terrible passions of humanity.

Vincent Van Gogh

This is the second of our albums with a bonus challenge. The phrase was Red/Green, and Scavengers were challenged to create images with those 2 colors. The original image was sent off for judging.

For the Reveal album, we ran each image through a Deuteranomaly color blind simulator as it’s the most common form of red-green color blindness. To do that we used and online simulator, Pilestone. Check it out if you’d like to see how other forms of color blindness changes the appearance of photos. Some of the changes are surprising, some beautiful. If you’ve always had color vision does food look as flavorful?

This was also a challenge to encourage Scavengers to think about contrast in compositions – not just light/dark but with color choice.

Lastly, some of the images did not change much when ran through the simulator. A few people had already done that for their submitted images, and some were de-saturated, low light, or otherwise not affected as much as bright images.

Were you surprised by some of the changes in the “after” version?

Featured Image by Catherine Warr

Number of Images


Entries are submitted by photographers worldwide. Please be accepting and aware of interpretations and cultural values that may differ from what you find acceptable or normal. We are here to learn, support, and push ourselves creatively. Out of the box thinking is highly encouraged.


  • To search the album by photographer’s name use the search bar at the head of the album view.
  • To see images at higher resolution, click on any thumbnail to open up the slideshow view.
  • In slideshow view leave comments by clicking on the caption button below each image.
  • View on a desktop computer for the best experience.

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  1. marcia

    As I went through this album, I made comments on where my eyes were going. I found a great deal of difference in the focal point due to color, intensity, and vibrance. Sometimes I preferred the simulation. I learned a lot that I hope will give me a new way of looking at what I am photographing and what I am trying to say with that photo. Every photo tells a story. I just learned a new language.

  2. Wade Brooks

    For me, since I am red green colorblind, the images look the same.


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