Round 37 Judge – Kim Pemberton

February 17, 2023

Kim Pemberton

I’m a self-taught amateur photographer.

The only skill that I can boldly say I’ve mastered over the years is procrastination.

Hence my go-to introduction:

amateur photographer. professional procrastinator. 


Born and raised in Canada and currently living on Vancouver Island.

My passion for photography began when I was a teen, forced my friends into impromptu fashion shoots, and took my little point-and-shoot with me everywhere.


My “focus” shifted into macro photography, then eventually branched into other styles and I continue to learn new techniques whenever I can.


I’ve been around the photography scavenger hunt since the beginning.

In the 1st round, I only managed to enter 3 photos. (procrastination flex).

Over the years, I may have won a few of the hunts, but always entered for the inspiration that it gave me to use my imagination and try something new.

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