Once upon a time…. a Scavenger Hunt

September 13, 2019

Wonder by Marilyn Benham

Once upon a time The Photography Scavenger Hunt

(by Marilyn Benham)

scrolled past my stream on a past social network G+ long gone now, and sadly so.. but that is a whole other story..
     I saw a group of peeps having what looked to be the time of their lives all playing so nice together with playful banter. The photo’s they produced where so inspiring, funny, out of the ordinary to say the least.
     Really wanted to play, so kept an eye out for the next of the sign ups. That was about the 4th hunt. I missed the first few.
     I was kinda’ Skeert but signed up anyway. Not knowing really what to expect. After I joined I read, and reread all the instructions to make sure I knew what was going on, and how to participate. The scavengers were so friendly. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions no matter how minor you think it is. Everyone was/is so willing to help in anyway they can,. The creator of the Hunt Chrysta Rae made me feel right at home, she made me feel special, she made everyone feel special.
       After a couple hunts Chrysta really needed help it was growing so big. She reached out for help and picked a few of us to help out! That’s how I became one of her Dream Team Members. Lauri Novak
who is now our grand leader was also one of Chrysta’s Dream Team picks. Lauri has done an outstanding, beyond the call of duty job of keeping this amazing train rolling!
     The hunt words we are given keep me motivated, stretching my mind! All of the photos submitted by all the scavengers blow my mind each time. I can’t ‘not’ play .. It’s just so challenging, and the scavengers
are the best people ever. Many of us have even met several times, and spent time together. We have become a family.
    Placing 1st ,2nd, 3rd or receiving honorable mentions always feels so validating for sure, but that is not what it’s all about. It’s about growing, keeping our minds moving forward, active. Stretching ourselves,
and not becoming lax, lazy, or lukewarm in our photography. Becoming secure in our own work, becoming individual artists. AND the friends well they are that famous delightfully delicious frosting on the cake!!
    Many of us have created some of our best work, that ‘Never’ would have been made if it were not for joining in the  hunt! That is the case for me… There are even great photos not shared for the hunt that came about because of the hunt.
 All photos must be taken during each allotted time, so that makes things so challenging! I love it!!
Thanks to The Photography Scavenger Hunt for gently nudging me, and sometimes shoving me forward to answer the call of the words, which are very seldom easy….. Love my Scavenger Family!  Come on in the waters fine, all photographers of every level are welcome!
 I’ve handed in every photo since I began playing.. Here are just a tiny sampling.

Jellybean – from the last hunt just a soft view, I photographed the pastel colored ones.

Instrument – made with 19 different photos. This one is on my website made into many different products that never would have been if it were not for the hunt!

Plumber- my husband David. He has been in many of my hunt shots. I tell him he is the most photographed man in the world hehehe.

Popcorn – You can make popcorn look elegant.. who knew!!? The photo is saying basically I love popcorn.

Sour – Sour candies.. This concept never would of been dreamed up except for the hunt.

Witch – a word totally out of my comfort zone.. but I made it work.. Made from 3 different photos.

Olive – a fun self-portrait

Wonder- one of my all time favorite shots ever! (our oldest granddaughter)

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  1. Stephen


      • Marilyn Benham

        Thankies Gary! Giant size squishie hugs! ????☺????

    • Anonymous

      Thankies sugah’ ????

      • Marilyn Benham

        That was thankies for you too Stephen! Lovens ya!

    • Marilyn Benham

      Thankies sug! ☺????

  2. Ted Kelly

    Nailed it. BTW, I somehow missed seeing sour before. Wow! I wonder how many of the current crop of hunters have never heard of “Bixie” ?

    • Marilyn Benham

      Hehehe.. The story of Bixie will have to be told.. Love ya Ted! ????????

  3. Heather Szarka

    Wonderful story Marilyn! I love reliving everyone’s memories!

    • Marilyn Benham

      Hi ya sweets. Yes me too! ????????

  4. Anonymous

    Great story, Marilyn! Love the images you included!

    • Marilyn Benham

      Thankies so much!! ????

  5. Wade Brooks

    Wonderful! Love the pics, too!

    • Marilyn Benham

      Thankies bunches Wade! ????????

  6. Bretta

    So well said Marilyn!!!! I LOVE seeing all the interpretations of the words on the List!! We are in the midst of some wonderfully creative peoples!!!!

  7. Yvette van Teeffelen

    Love the story ????

  8. Paul

    A terrific tale, Marilyn!

  9. Marcia Borell

    Love all of your work! Can’t wait to see what you will be doing for the newest hunt. Huge hugs, marcia

  10. Dianne Maguire

    Great article! I’m just catching up on old posts, and getting motivated to start shootig! Your article has helped me do that.


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