Using Constraints to Further Your Photography – Eric Raeber

June 19, 2019

Yellow by Eric Raeber, Photography Scavenger Hunt

Eric Raeber made a fantastic cohesive series of 26 images for the 25th Round of the Scavenger Hunt. In the video below he discusses how placing a constraint (or constraints) on your art kick starts your creativity. 

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  1. Sandy S

    Loved your series, Eric! Thanks for sharing your BTS…I never would have guessed it was a catapult, very cool!

  2. Lori Alexander

    I love the catapult. What a great idea. Thank you for sharing your BTS.

  3. Rose Badlani

    Eric, I love your art and your exploration in photography. You’re definitely an inspiration.

  4. Ginnie Lerch

    Your imagination is amazing Eric! Thanks for taking us behind the scenes. The catapult is neat!!

  5. Piotr Edelman

    Lots of fantastic ideas Eric. As always.

  6. debi

    Well that was just fabulous! I watched that with a big smile on my face. Thnk you so much for sharing. A big hug right back at you.

  7. Bretta Elmore

    Pure awesomeness!!! Love your “style” of constraint!!! It is magical!!!

  8. Marcia Borell

    WOW! Sooooo cool!

  9. Carmen Mandich

    Wow!! I really like the idea of using constraints to urge our minds to focus of the image better. Thanks so very much!!


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